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68 Family names  as in the
Orangeburgh Citizens Petition in Behalf of  Rev. John Giessendanner
of 27 May 1749  Orangeburgh, SC

(transcription of the originals in the Book of Record by Joop Giesendanner)
© Joop Giesendanner, the Netherlands

Though not strictly part of the Book of Record, the significance of this Petition is obvious for the content of this Book.
Details on Rev. John Giessendanner

In Salley page 35 we read:
His nephew John (Giessendanner), by the request of the congregation, went to Charleston for the purpose of "obtaining orders" from Rev. Alexander Garden, the Bishop of London's commissary, but was persuaded by Major Christian Motte, whom he met, that he ought not to apply to him, but to other gentlemen to whom he would conduct him, who, if they found him qualified, would give him authority to preach. Major Motte made him acquainted with the Presbytery of South Carolina, who in 1738 gave him authority to preach the gospel among his German neighbors. This he continued to do, and thus kept up the Church of their fathers unchanged for a season, though he afterwards went to London and took Episcopal ordination

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Amacker, John
Baltzegar, John Balsieger
Barry, William
Brunner, Ulrick
Carter, Rob.
Chevillette, John
Churchwill, John
Claus, Leo
Clayton, John
Deramas, Joseph Doremas
Diedrich, John (= Hans_Senr)
Egly, Martin
Fairy, John
Felder, Henry_Sr
Friday, Hans Frydig
Fritchman, John
Frolich, Adam
Giegelman, Jacob; John Gieg'lman
Giessendanner, George_Junr Geessendanner.; George_Senr; Jacob
Griffith, Joseph; Peter Grieffous
Harrisperger, John
Hatcher, Seth
Haym, Henry
Hessy, Hans_Jacob
Horger, Jacob
Huber, Frederick; Joseph; Peter
Hugg, Peter Hug
Hutto, Isaac_Sr; Peter Hottow
Imdorff, Hans
Inabnet, Johannes; Andreas
Issenhut, Abraham
Jennings, Gideon; John; Philip
Kitchen, Martin Kichren
Koonen, Francis
Kreuter, Joseph Kryters
Kuhn, Jacob_Sr
Larry, Michael_Sr; Peter_Sr
Linder, Lewis
Meyer, Hans_Jacob Myer
Minnick, Christian
Moorer, Peter_Jr
Negely, John; Peter
Ott, Casper; Jacob; Melchior
Payton, Benj
Puckridge, Thomas Puckeridge
Reber, Ulrich
Rickenbacker, Henry
Robinson, Joseph
Roth, Christian; Jacob; John_Jr; John_ Peter; Ulrick
Rowe, Michael_Christopher
Rumph, Abraham_Sr; David; Jacob
, Hen._Jr; Henry_Sr; Martin
Shaumlöffel, John Shaumloffel
Shuler, Geor._Jr Shooler; Nichs.
Snell, Adam; Barnd.; Henry_Jr
Stedham, Benj
Stehely, Peter
Stotton, Charles
Stroman, Hans_Jacob; Henry Stratemann
, James
Tshudy, Hans_Jacob; Martin
Wannamaker, Jacob
Whetstone, Henry Letstine; John_Senr 
Wolf, Gian Loi; Jacob; Johannes; John_Senr 
Wolffy, Gionnes; Johan
, Henry
Yonn, Nicho.
Yutzy, John_Valentine
27 May 1749

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