Chapter 5

Johannes Giesendanner

1759 - 1814


For the first time in my life I am enjoying to have such an
unusual name.To search the archives of Amsterdam for such a
name is not so very difficult. Once you have a starting point,
the birth of a child, the records document the name of the
father and mother.Then you try to guess in what year they were
probably married. To make your search easier the marriage
tables give you a choice of a 10 year period. If you have
found this marriage, these papers will reveal the names of
both parents of the marrying couple and most of the time the
age of bride and groom as well. If so, you can find the birth
or before 1812 the baptism of the man to be married, the
circle is round, you try to guess the time of marriage of the
parents. So far no difficulties in finding the father of the
father of the father and so on.

Christaan's (* 1795) father was Johannes (Jan) Giesendanner,
who was baptised (EL) in the Old Church May 11, 1759. When he
was 24 years old, he married Sara van Kerkhellen (Reformed),
23 years old, on June 10, 1783. The marriage took place in 
the New Church and was performed by Rev. Budde. Johannes 
profession was shoemaker and they lived  all together in the 
Goudsbloemstraat 476 ( later 86).  According to the marriage 
licence Jan Gietsendammer (Reformed) was assisted by his 
mother Anna Magdalena Pielhou (Anna Margaretha Rieland), 
also present was the father of the 
bride Hendrik van Kerkhellen. 
The licence is signed by Jan himself, Sara placed a mark X.

After 7 months their first born came on to the world, named
Johannes Cornelis Jacobus and baptised (EL) January 7, 1784 
by Rev. Filips Serrurier. Unfortunately this child died 
after 25 days on February 1 in the Goudsblo(e)mstraat and 
was buried Karthuizer Church and Churchyard.

Their next son, called Johannes Wessel Gietzendanner, was
baptised in Amsterdam by Rev. Sterk on May 17, 1785. 
His baptism was witnessed by Wessel Must,
 the brother of his Grandma? 
and Maria Elizabeth Gietzendanner the sister of his father. 
At the age of 30 years, he married Hendrikje Donk, aged
28, on February 14, 1816. By that time he had become a 
cooper's help and on several occasions we find his signature 
on documents. Only his mother was present at the marriage, 
his father had  already passed away, as did both her parents.
Hendrikje Donk was permitted this marriage by the regents of
the orphanage in which she was raised. Her brother, Willem
Donk, who was a wine merchant's assitant, 
witnessed the marriage.

 1   Johannes Giezendanner, March 16, 1817 
     died July 7, 1818
 2   Johannes Christiaan Giezendanner, Nov 27, 1819,
     died Jan 11, 1877, husband of Johanna van der Walle
     Johannes and Johanna lived on the Schippersgracht 23
     in reasonable wealth, for they had maids, who lived 
     in their house.  They had  two children:
    2a  Hendrika Johanna Helena, born February 3, 1852
        She later married Johannes Cornelis Zoomers on  
        April 19, 1877. 
        She died January 18, 1878, almost 26 years old. 
        As far as we know they had no children.
    2b  Petrus Leendert Willem, born May 27, 1855 
        May 27, 1880, he married Maria Elisabeth Schultze.
        Petrus died, November 23, 1894. 
        They had two children:
        2b1    Johanna Christina, born July 1, 1881, 
                married Leonard Johan Rijnders 
                on January 19, 1911
                She died  November 15, 1967 in Eindhoven.
         2b2    Christiaan Frederik Gustaaf, 
                born May 7, 1883.
                He died on October 8, 1892.
 3 Sara Giezendanner was born February 24, 1822 
    died January 13, 1823.
 4 Willem born on November 28, 1823. 
   He became a silversmith and died only 24 years old 
   on November 18, 1848.
 5 Hendrik Giezendanner, born February 13, 1826. He was 
   a silversmith, died one year after his older brother 
   on September 11, 1849, aged 23.

Hendrik, baptised November 18, 1788, by the same Reverend 
as his older brother, became a cooper's help as well. 
Witness to the baptism was his Grandfather 
Hendrik van Kerkhelle. 
When he was 23, he married Maria Catharina van Lieshout,
a needlewoman. He died, only 31 years old, in the Binnen
Gasthuis, a well known Amsterdam Hospital. By this time 
he was a cooper himself and they had six children.
1+2 Maria Catharina and Hendrik were twins, 
      born June 4, 1813. 
      She died only 7 days old on June 11, 1813. 
      He also died very young, being only 17 days old, 
      on June 21, 1813. 
   3 Sara is born March 7, 1815, single mother with 
      daughter Maria. 
      Later on she married Dirk Bart Hendrik Vermeulen. 
      She died a widow on April 5, 1901.
   4 Maria Catharina,  
      October 12, 1816 - November 14, 1817.
   5 Antonia Maria, born November 9, 1817 
      She married Jan Darthuizen.
      On October 10, 1864 Antonia died and 
      Jan Darthuizen remarried Catharina Marsman.
   6 Maria Catharina, born May 26, 1820, married 
      Jacobus van der Peyl, who was a 
      horse carriage driver. 
      They had five children.
      After her husband died, she lived 
      with Hermann Albers, until her death 
      on October 22, 1907.

Christiaan (* 1795) was their last born son 

 Subject: family 1759                                                 
Johannis Giesendanner, born May 08, 1759, 
christened in Amsterdam May 11, 1759, 
died there Mar 16, 1814, son of 
Valentijn Gietzendanner and Else Must.
He entered a notice of marriage in Amsterdam. 
He was married there Jun 10, 1783 in church to 
Sara van Kerkhellen, born in Amsterdam, 
christened at Lutherse Kerk Sep 10, 1758, 
daughter of Hendrik van Kerkhellen and 
Anna Margareta Pielhou.
From this marriage:

  1  Johannes Cornelis Jacobus, christened in Amsterdam 
     Jan 07, 1784, died there Feb 01, 1784, 
     buried at Amsterdam op KK+KH.
  2 Johannes Wessel, christened in Amsterdam 
     May 17, 1785, died there Jul 11, 1852.
     He was married in Amsterdam Feb 14, 1816 to 
     Hendrikje Donk, born in Nijkerk (Gld) Feb 19, 1787, 
     daughter of Jan Donk and Christina van Kampen.
  3 Hendrik, christened in Amsterdam Nov 18, 1788, 
     died in Amsterdam Jan 30, 1821.
     He was married in Amsterdam Jun 07, 1812 to 
     Maria Catharina van Lieshout.
  4 Christiaan, born in Amsterdam Aug 21, 1795, 
     christened Aug 23, 1795, died there Feb 16, 1847.
     He was married in Amsterdam Jun 07, 1815 to 
     Jacoba Maas, christened in Amsterdam in 
     the Papegaai Nov 24, 1790, 
     daughter of Jan Maas and Maria Steenbergen.

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