Register Book of Baptism per Jno Giessendanner

scan of original,
not sure this is the handwriting of Rev. John Giessendanner
(transcription of the original by Joop Giesendanner)
ę Joop Giesendanner, the Netherlands
042} 1750 ---- In the Church of Orangeburgh
On Sunday September 16th.
Anna, Daughter of Jacob & Anna Rumph: Born
August 26th A.C. Susceptr. George Giessendanner Junr.
Mary, wife of Hans Balsiger, & Anna, wife of Joseph

044} E˘dem Loc˘ (The same place)
On Sunday Septr 30th
Maria, Daughter of Andrew & Mary Inabnet:
Born July 27th A.C. Susceptr. Caspar Negely
Maria Stehely & Anna Amacher

same entry, but crossed out in original (on other page):
Maria Daughter of Andrew and Mary Inabnet
Born July 27th 1750. Suscept. Caspar Negelij, Maria
Stehelij and Anna Amacher

045} E˘dem Loc˘ (The same place)
On Sunday October 28th
Isaac, Son of Jacob & Barbara Brunzon.
Born ---- Susceptr. Abraham
Issenhut, Samuel Davis and ---- wife of Elias Snell.

046} E˘dem Die et Loc˘ (The same day and place)
William, Son of Joseph & Margaret Cooper.
Born Septr. 13th A.C. Susceptr. William
Cooper & Sirrah, his wife & John Wolf

047} On Sunday November 11th At the House of
Mrs. Russel in Amelia Township
Thomas, Son of Peter & Mary Oliver, Born in October
last: Susceptr. Robert & Mary Whitford, Joseph Fustner

048} Also: John, Son of John & Regina Tittlely, Born
in October last. Susceptr. David Merkly, Joseph
Festner, Mary Ann, wife of Conrad Hallmann

Comment Joop: