Update 29 September 2001

Tom Getzendanner of Baltimore informed the family recently that:
Our sister Susan (Sue) M. Getzendanner remains unaccounted for and presumably perished 60 floors above me at the World Trade Center last Tuesday. I've spoken to several of her coworkers and many are still missing. Sue was born during WWII in 1943, and died 58yrs later under similar conditions. Ironic because her life was spent journeying the world, confident in foreign lands and trusting fellow human beings.
...... People meant everything to her ....... Sue lived to make a difference in the world and would want us to be equally selfless ....... She provided a safety net that will be sorely missed

Our deepest condolences go to our family members who have to suffer this loss in the bosom of their own homes.
Especially her parents (in their 80's) we send as much strength as humanly possible

Your Dutch cousins

16 September 2001

Being away on the roads of Europe for the last 3 weeks and until this

weekend, this is the first opportunity to react.


We wish to express our most heart felt and sincerest condolences to the people of America.

Our thoughts and hearts are with you in this time of sadness and devastation.

Time will mend but the memories will last a life time.

Joop Giesendanner
Carla van Tongeren