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Getzendanner Family

Crossing the ocean on the ship Allen

  Passenger lists
The list below is compiled from the sources in Holland and the USA
Joop's Note:
Mass-emigration from German, Swiss and also a smaller amount of Dutch protestant families to Penn-sylvania, the land of William Penn (1644-1718). In the first 25 years of the 1700's, the pressure of the German Catholic rulers, but especially after 1726 when Roman-Catholic Karl Phillipp of Palantine took new subpressive measures, more and more emigrants came to Rotterdam to find passage to the new world. Often there were over 3.000 a year, of which many had not a penny to them to pay for lodgings or the passage. Rotterdam even had to close its "borders" for those who could not embark right upon their arrival. Fundraising was necessary to pay for large amounts of emigrants, the passage was paid by individuals, churches, the city council, even the provence of Holland contributed.

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by Joop Giesendanner

View on the Oldharbor of Rotterdam, which Christian and his family left in 1729