The Switzers Petition (1735)

(Transcribed by Jeff Friday)


                        In the upper House of Assembly Wednesday the 5th Febry 1734.


                                    The Honble The Lieut Governor

                                                John Fenwick                 }

                                                Joseph Wragg                } Esqr

                                                John Hammerton            }


Broad Street Bill            Mr Cockran and Mr Paget from the Commons House brought a Bill for sinking a

Brought                        drain in the Broad Street in Charles Town, and for cleaning and Regulating the

            said Street  read a 1st time in their House.

            Read a Petition of Martin Friday, Ralph Chapelier, John Ulric Muller, John

Switzers Petn                 Ulrick Beckman, and John Frederick Coleman in behalf of themselves and thers,

praying they may be released from their Engagements on account of their passage hither,

and become settlers in this Province, and the follg Message was sent with

the said Petition to the Commons House vizb.

            Mr Speaker and Gentlemen

                                    We send you the Petition of Several Switzers, which


Message therein             When you have perused, we desire you will appoint a Comee of your House to

Joyn a Comee of thee Board to consult of Proper means and to relieve the Petor,

and make them usefull to their Province at Settlers therein,

which by their Petition they seem inclined to be.

                                    5th Febry 1734                                                                 Thos Broughton Presd



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                                    Read the memorial and acct. thereunto anex’d of the Honble John

Mr Hammerton               Hammerton Esqr. Secretary of this Province for writings etc relating to the

& Mem!                         Publick Service and recommended it to the Common House.


In the Upper House of Assembly Wednesday 4, 5th Febry 1734 PM


                                    The Honble the Lieutent Governer

                                                            John Fenwicke               }

                                                            Josp Wragg                    }  Esqr

                                                            John Hammerton            }


Writs Signed                  The writ chasing three members for the Parish of St. Helena Port Royal,

was signed by the Exer and the Honble Members of the Majestys Council.

            Mr Blake and Capt Beale from the Commons House acquainted this

House that their Comee was ready to meet the Comee of this House to confer on

the subject matter of the Message sent to them this morning.

Comee meet                   And the Honble Col. Fenwicke and Josp Wragg Esqr went to joyn the said Comee.

On ye Swiss


In the Upper House of Assembly Thursday the 6th Febry 1734.


                                                The Honble the Lieut. Govr


The Honble             { Robert Wright              Joseph Wragg    }

                                    { John Fenwicke Thos Waring      } Esqr

                                                {                              Jon. Hammerton }


Mr. Manigault and Mr. Paget from the Commons House brought the following Message vizt.

                                    Honble Gentlemen

This House and debating the Report of the Comee of Conference on

the Petition of the Swiss lately arrived


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                                    here; agreed to that part of the said Report which related to the Paying the

on the Swiss.                 passage of the said Swiss, on their Indentures being assigned to His Excellency

the Governor, the better to oblige them to settle in the Township on the South side

of Santee River, but to prevent any abuses that may ensue, have Enterd into

the Resolution herewith sent you, to which we desire your Honble Concurrence.

                                    6th Febry 1734.                                                                By order of the House

                                                                                                            Paul Jenys Speaker

                                    Resolved on considering His Majestys 20th Instruction to His Excellcy the

Resolution on                 Governor relating to the Encouragement to be given to Poor Protestants, who

relating to                      are desirous to Settle in this Province, that it is the opinion of this House, that

New Settlers.                 The said Instruction is only to be extended to poor Protestants who are Freemen

and not to Covenant Servants, who shall arrive in the Province, and that Such

Covenant Servants are not by the said Instruction or by any Engagements the

Genl Assembly have enterd into, intitled to any benefit under the same,

and that this House will not make any further Provision for any persons that

Indent themselves for their Passage, nor for any other Protestants but

those that come over and arrive in the Province Freemen.

Report                           A Comee of both Houses on ye Petn of Sevl Swiss lately arrived.

                                    Have Examind the State of Appropriated Fund to 29th of Sept 1734 and

                        Find good therin only £ 6g:15.g11r exclusive of Interest due on Publick orders,

no such article being Charged in the Debit of the Accot which if now placed there,

On the Petn                    would make a considerable deficiency on that Fund.

of the Swiss.     

As to paying the Passages of nineteen of said Swiss the Comee are of Opinion that

Settling those people altogether in one of the Northern Township may be of

great disadvantage in Strengthing the Barrier, therefore recommend the

paying the sum of £ 780:10: Currency to discharge their Passage

( on Condition that they Settle as aforesaid ) and that the

Money be raised in the Piece of the



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Current Year by which means its being made a precedt for others that may

arrive here after will be avoided, nor will the appropriate Fund admit of this

additional Expense of paying passage, nor even hold out for defray the Charge of

Purchasing Tools and Provisions for all those who may come over

on the Encouragement of the said Law.

                                    The Comee further recommend that Tools and Provisions for one year be provided

for all the Swiss now arrived as usual.

                                    And the said Report was agreed to and sent back to the Commons House.

                                    Read a first time and passed with the Amendmts. a ___

Tax Bill recvd                 Bill for raising the Sum of

a 1ST time.                     for defraying the Charges of the Government for one year commencing the 25th.

March 1734 and ending the 25th Day of March 1735 and also a Bill for sinking a

drain in the Broad Street in Charles Town and for Cleaning and Regulating the

and Ye Broad                  the said Street, Read a first time and passed as th amendments.

Street Bill

                                    And sent them both to the Commons House.

Mem of Mr.                    Read. The Memorial and Accot of James Abercromby by Esqr. Attorney Genl.



In the Upper House of Assembly Friday they 7th Febry 1734.


                                                The Honble the Lieut Govnr


The Honbles           { John Fenwicke Robert Wright    }

                                    { Josp Wragg                  Thos Waring      } Esqrs


The Honbles Mr Wragg having produced the Sevl Indentures of the Swiss mentiond

in the Resolution agreed to by this House Yesterday, he deliverd the follg accot vvzt.


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                                    The names of the Swiss, who have not payd their passage

                                    from London to Carolina in the Ship William, William Vitery Master visd.

Swiss Indentures

Deliverd.                        John Mathias and wife …………………………….        2

                                    Ulrick Speri Smith ……………………………………       1

                                    Jacob Viterling………………………………………….      1

                                    Jacob Galman and nine Children………………..        10

                                    Jacob Spuhl……………………………………………..      1

                                    Herman Christian Dittering & Wife……………..        2

                                    Henry Segrist………………………………………….        1

                                    Henry Walder pr note……………………………….       1

                                                                                    Persons             19


                                    Eighteen passes under Indentures at £6pr Head     £  108.0.0

                                    One d0 ft note…………………………………….                   3.10.0


                                                            Exchange 6oo ft Ct                                  66G:0.0

                                                            Carolina Currency….       £          780.0.0


                                    Mr. Ouldfield and Col. Gibbs brought the following Message

                                    from the Commons House vist.


                                    Honble Gentlemen.


                                    Thos House hath received Information that Several Persons overseers,

Relating to the               and others who have resided in this Province for a considerable time past, have

Encouragemt                       applied for the Encouragement to New Comers for settling the Township by the

to New Comers              Appropriation Law, therefore desire your Honrs will Joyn with us in giving Orders

only.                             To the Publick Treasures to take care that no person who is not a New Comers

                                    shall have the allowance given by the said Law to New Comers only.

Your Honrs were pleased to Communicate lows? A Letter from Mr. Popple

Mr. Popples Ltr   Secretary to the Board of Trade to His Excy the Governor, we desire your will

                                    procure us a copy of the Subtance of what His Excy wrote on that Head.

                                    7th. Febry 1734                                                    By order of the House

                                                                                                Paul Jenys Speaker                    



Source: South Carolina Council Journal – Upper House No 6 Part 1 Nov 7, 1734 – May 26, 1736

Pgs 31-35. Feb 5, 6, 7 1734 Petition of Martin Friday & others.

South Carolina Department of Archives and History