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© Joop Giesendanner, the Netherlands

A List of all those; who have been maryed by me
John Giessendanner. V.D.M.

(transcription of the original by Joop Giesendanner)
numbers are lost in my copy
in red = assumed to be there
copy of A.S. Salley
(typing Jim Steinwinder)
in blue = Salley differs from my transcription
Mr. John Chevillette Esq.r Jan 13th.1745/6 To Susannah Hepperditzel. Widow
George Giessendanner Junr. To Agnes Diedrich. Widow
Jacob Wolf. 1740. 10th Decbs To Veronica Tommen. Widow
Jacob Wolf To Appollonia Shuler.
Hans im Dorf 1740.10th Decbs To Magdalene Pieren. Widow
Jacob Wannenmacher To Catharina Shuler
John Kitchin To Barbara Pfund. Widow
Samuel Davis 1747 Decr 11 To Salome Fuster
Henry Felder To Mary Elisabeth Shaumlöffel
John Fairy 1740. Febr: 5th To Ann Yssenhut
Christian Shwartz 1741. To Elisabeth Fuster. Widow. Nov. 19th
John Simmons To Catharina Zorn. Widow
John Fuster To Sirrah Hatcher
John Cleaton To Sirrah Fuster. Widow
James Pendarvis 1741 To Catharina Rumph. Septbs 3d
John Pearson 1742 To Mary Raiford. April 25th
John Hammilton 1741 To Catherina Myers. Widow. July 1st
Thomas Puckridge To Catharina Pfund
Jacob Roth To Catharina Ygly. Widow
George Gatz To Barbara N. Widow
Hans Jacob Strauman 1748 To Ann Margareth Shaumlöffel July 18th
Hans Jacob Myer 1740 To Ann Buser. January 1st.
Hans Jacob Gyger To Margaret Shuler. Widow
Jacob Horger To Lovisia Shaumloffel
Peter Moorer Junr. To Margaret Larry
Hans Giegelman To Ann Elizabeth Shuler
John Jubb To Eve Catherine Shuler
Antony Ernst To Ann Barbara Gyger
1. Mr John Chevillette Esq. Jan: 13th 1745/6. To Susannah Hepperditzel,Widow.
2. George Giessendanner Jun To Agnes Diedrich, Widow.
3. Jacob Wolf, 1740, 10th Decbr To Veronica Tommen, Widow.
4. Jacob Wolf....To Appollonina Shuler.
5. Hans im Dorff 1740. 10th Decbr To Magdalene Pieren, widow.
6. Jacob Wannenmacher...To Catharina Shuler.
7. John Kitchin....To Barbara Pfund, widow.
8. Samuel Davis To Salome Fuster.
9. Henry Felder 1747. Decr 15. To Mary Elizabeth Shaumlöffel.
10. John Fairy 1743. Feb 5th To Ann Yssenhut.......
11. Christian
Thwartz 1741To Elizabeth Fuster. widow. Nov. 19th.
12. John Simmons....To Catherina Zorn. widow.
13. John Fuster.... To Sirrah Hatcher.
14. John Cleaton....To Sirrah Fuster. widow.
15. James Pendarvis 1741...Catherina Rumph. Septbr 3d.
16. John Pearson 1742...To Mary Raiford. April 25th.
17. John Hammilton 1741..To Catherina Myers, Widow. July 1st.
18. Thomas Puckridge...To Catherina Pfund.
19. Jacob Roth...To Catharina Ygly, widow.
20. George Gatz...To Barbara N. widow
21. Hans Jacob Strauman 1748. To Ann Margareth Shaumlöffel July 18th.
22. Hans Jacob Myer 1740. To Ann Buser. January 1st.
23 Hans Jacob Gyger...To Margaret Shuler. widow.
24. Jacob Horger...To Lovisia Shaumloffel.
25. Peter Moorer Jun....To Margaret Larry.
26. Hans Giegelman...To Ann Elizabeth Shuler
27. John Jubb.......To Eve Catherine Shuler.
28 Antony Ernst...To Ann Barbara Gyger.

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