Book of Record, Orangeburg, SC

(transcript of the original by Joop Giesendanner)
© Joop Giesendanner, the Netherlands

Anno 1737
den 24 Octobs habe auf Anhalten Her Majoren Mote u. 2 Engelšn
der, die alles auf Ihrer Gefahr wollen nemmen in der Wittfr: Price
Haus in Beijsein viller Englishen Gesellschaft copulirt
r Joseph Russel mit Jungfr: Margaret Russel gebohren
Price, da Her Major English die Copulation Ordnung vorgelesen hat

(translation of the original by Joop Giesendanner) copy of A.S. Salley
Anno 1737
On 24 Octobs (I) have on Persistence of Mr Major Mote a(nd) 2 English
men, who will take all Risk Married in the House of the Widow Price
 in the Presence of much English Company
?eslr Joseph Russel with Miss Margaret Russel, maiden name
Price, where Mr Major English has read the Marriage Order
(Hans Ulrich Giessendanner, the elder)
1stly. I have on 24 Octo by request of Major Motte - & two Englishmen - who are Majors - and at their own Risk and Responsibility Married in the house of Mrs Price a widow - in the Village of Beystein - a Possession of the English Crown.
Joseph Russel to Mrs. Margaret Russel. Her maiden name was Price. The Major read the marriage service in English in my presence.
(Hans Ulrich Giessendanner, the elder)

Comment Joop: There is no such thing as the village of Beystein - a Possession of the English Crown., this is a misreading by Salley;
the original says "Major English" (indicating a person), not "Major (Motte) in English" (indicating the language)