Book of Record, Orangeburg, SC

(transcript of the original by Joop Giesendanner)
Joop Giesendanner, the Netherlands

(Anno 1738) top of the page
Den 31. January habe folgende Personen im Samdthij copulirt
Mr. Peter Grimmer mit Dorothea Huberin des Johannes Hubers
Zimmermans Tochter

(translation of the original by Joop Giesendanner) copy of A.S. Salley
(Anno 1738) top of the page
On 31. January married the following Persons in one Session
Mr Peter Grimmer to Dorothea Huber, daughter of Johannes Huber, 
(Hans Ulrich Giessendanner, the elder)
Jany 31 1738 Following persons married Peter Grimmer to Dorothea Huber Lawful daughter of Johannes Huber - In Zimmermanns daughter's house.
(Hans Ulrich Giessendanner, the elder)

Comment Joop: Looks like HUG, the elder, is now definitely "in business"; the profession of Johannes Huber was Zimmermann=carpenter, nothing there on a Zimmermanns house as suggested by Salley