(transcript of the original by Joop Giesendanner)
© Joop Giesendanner, the Netherlands

Anno 1740

Den 1. January als an dem neuen Jahrs Tag sind nachdem Sie
verehere zu durch underschiedene mahlen offentli. abgekündet worden
nach verrichtetem Gottes dienst publicè gecopulirt worden
Joh: Jacob Meijer Mr. Hs Meijers Seli. Ehelicher Sohn und
Jungfr: Anna Buserin

translation by Joop: copy of A.S. Salley book
Anno 1740

The 1st of January on New Year Day, after 
many and different public announcements of Banns, 
after Service was over, were publicly married
Joh Jacob Meijer legitimate son of Mr. H(an)s Meijer deceased and 
Miss Anna Buser

Anno 1740
Jay 1st On New Year Day -
By 3 Public publishments of Banns, at 3 different
Places-and after Service was over-The following got
married that day.
1s John Jacob Meyer a lawful son of Mr. Henry
Meyer-To Miss Anna Bustrin. (Buser.)

Appears in the list: maryed by me under nr 22:
Hans Jacob Myer 1740. To Ann Buser, January 1st.. .. ..

Comment Joop: For some reason the month is written in block letters; Hans Meijer, the groom's father is deceased (Seli); They were publicly married on this New Year's Day after many announcements were made and after Service was over, nothing said about the number or about places;.mail to: Joop any comment; BACK TO INDEX PAGE