In order to save time and space SCAN of the original only

(transcription of the original by Joop Giesendanner)
© Joop Giesendanner, the Netherlands

Anno 1741 am Heili Ostentag g?sehehes waren die?
? ist im Gegenwart der ganzen Gemeind
getauft worden
Johannes Meijer, Hans Jacob Meijers und Anna Bu
serin eheliches Kind bij ZeŁgen Johannes Wetzsteins
und Ulrich Busers und Barbara Horsfort gebohren

translation by Joop: copy of A.S. Salley book

1741 On Easter Sunday was baptized
in presence of the whole congregation

Johannes Meijer, Hans Jacob Meijer and Anna Bu
ser legitimate child sponsors Johannes Wetzstein
and Ulrich Buser and Barbara Horsfort maiden name

A.D. 1741
On Easter Sunday were baptized in presence of the whole congregation: John Meyer, legitimate child of Hans Jacob Meyer and Anna Buester Sponsors, John Frittstein, Ulrick Buester, Mrs. Barbara Horsfort, formerly Miss Diedricks.
(Rev. Giessendanner)

Comment Joop: Somewhere in the OGS-GS files 16 April was suggested, but that can not be true, it was not a Sunday, I have no clue to the right date, but am sure somebody has; (041015) the answer was provided by Harriet Imrey: date 29 March 1741 (the Rev used Julian-English days-and-dates, but Gregorian years, as in starting with 1 Jan); John Frittstein must be Johannes Wetzstein, Buester is Buser; mail to: Joop any comment; BACK TO INDEX PAGE