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(transcription of the original by Joop Giesendanner)
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Anno 1742 Sonntags den 25. Heümonath (top of this page)

Dito: Ein anders, genannt Hans Michel, Mr: Ulrich Reb
ers und seiner Eher Frauen, AnEngel Gelzerin, eheliches Kind
bij Zeügen Hans im Dorff, Michael Lährij und Regina Kuhnin

20151119 additional info Joel H Hutto: The wife here listed is Anna Angelica Göltzer sister to Nichel Seebach’s wife. Daniel Göltzer however is their first cousin.
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("25") In the Same time Baptized Hans Michael Legt child of Re...vs & his wife Feldgnig Spons. Hans Imdorff, Michael Barry & Regenia Kuchin

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