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(transcription of the original by Joop Giesendanner)
© Joop Giesendanner, the Netherlands
1746 (at the top of the page)

Ditto Den 25. Decembris
Johannes, Hs Georg Hessijs u. Seiner Eher Frauen Anna Catharina ehelicher
Sohn beij ZeŁgen Michael Christopher Row, Niclaus Shuler, Fr. Anna
Rickenbacherin, und Frau Magdalena im Dorff

translation by Joop: copy of A.S. Salley
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("35") Ditto Decbr 25/46
John lawful son of Mr. Georg Hessys and his lawful wife Anna Catharina (Witness) Michael Christopher Row, Nicolas Shuler & Mrs Anna Rickenbacherin. & Mrs Magdalena of the village.

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