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(transcription of the original by Joop Giesendanner)
© Joop Giesendanner, the Netherlands

1747 (top of the page, first record)

Sontags den 19. April als am Heili. Ostertag -
Anna Christina Barbara, Niclaus und Christina
Jann eheliche Tochter beij ZeŁgen: Jacob Kuhnen, Fr
Anna Rickenbacherin, und Fr: Barbara Heinin---

translation by Joop: copy of A.S. Salley

1747 (top of the page, first record)
On Sunday 19. April at Holy Easter -
Anna Christina Barbara, Niclaus and Christina
Jann lawful Daughter Sponsors: Jacob Kuhnen, Mrs
Anna Rickenbacher, and Mrs: Barbara Hein---

("53") Sunday 19 April at Holy Easter Baptized Anna Christine Barbara Nicolas and Christine Lawful daughter Sponsors Jacob Kuhnen Mrs. Anna Rickenbacker & Mrs. Barbara Heim

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