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(transcription of the original by Joop Giesendanner)
© Joop Giesendanner, the Netherlands

Emanual Miller/Müller aus dem Township
Saxagotha und
Maria in Abnet dess verstorbenen
Andreas in Abnet hinderlassener Wittwe
aus Oranienburg Township

and also found under 24 in the list of 1752

1752 (upper record)
On Tuesday March 31st....... In Ditto (Orang.g Church)
...............................By Ditto (Banns)
Emanuel Miller To Mary, widow of
Andrew Inabnet of this Township Deceased
Present: Henry Wurtzer, Henry Rickenbacher

translation by Joop: copy of A.S. Salley (24) 1752
Emanuel Miller from the Township of Saxagotha and Maria in Abnet, the widow that is left behind by the late Andreas in Abnet, from Orangeburg Township
(second) no need
On Tuesday, March 31st. In Ditto. By Ditto
Emanuel Miller to Mary, widow of Andrew Inabnet, of this Township Deceased. Being present: Henry Wartzer, Henry Rickenbaker, etc. etc.

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