Register Book of Baptism per Jno Giessendanner

scan of original,
not sure this is the handwriting of Rev. John Giessendanner

(transcription of the original by Joop Giesendanner)
Joop Giesendanner, the Netherlands

220} 1754 -- Baptized ---- At Amelia
on Sunday May 12th.
John Conrad, Son of Michael & Magdalene
Looser; born March 1st 1754. Susceptr. Conrad
Halman, John Tittely, & Brigitta, wife of Jacob

221} Edem Die et Loc (The same day and place)
Hans Michael, Son of Christopher & Ann Mary
Kinnler; born April 12th 1754. Susceptr. Michael
Kirril & Mary Margaret, his wife, & Thomas Grimlock

222 }Edem Die et Loc (The same day and place)
Christoph, Son of Michael & Magdalene
Kirril; born May 12th 1754. Susceptr. Christoph
& Ann Mary Keller, & Thomas Grimlock

223} On Sunday May 26th In Orangeburgh Church
Mary, Daughter of Thomas & Mary
Eberhardt; born March 22d. 1754. Susceptr.‑
John Amacher Junr., Mary Cammel, & Margaret,
wife of Michael Christopher Rowe.

224} On Sunday June 9th ---- In Amelia
Benjamin, Son of Henry & Mary Carter;
born April 13th 1754. Susceptr. Alexander Tate
Robert Carter, & Mary, widow of Robert Whitford.

225} Edem Die et Loc (The same day and place)
Robert, Son of Thomas Hails & Eleanor, his
wife deceas'd; born Octobr 28th 1753: Susceptr.
Alexander Tate, William & Elizabeth McNichols

         Under baptisms, at Amelia on 12 May 1754, entry no. 221, Hans Michael, son of Christopher and Ann Mary Kinnler.  Entry no. 222, ref: Christoph and Ann Mary Keller.  In both instances, the surname should be Kienlein, alias Kienle.  Georg Christoph Kienlein arrived on Ship Elizabeth from Rotterdam in February 1753.  In addition to Kinnler and Keller as it appeared in the book of records, the name appeared as Kinline, Kenline, Kanline, Karline, Kinland, Kinla, Kindly, Kernline, Kernelley, Karnline, and finally as Carnline and Carnley.  Cantaline, a third corruption of the name appeared in Alabama about 1819.  Carnley, Carnline and Cantaline are now the surnames of the American descendants of George Christopher Kienlien.  Carnley is also a British name dating back to the 1500s.  Most American Carnleys, however, are not related to the British family.  George Christopher's descendants migrated from South Carolina to Alabama about 1819.  They are now concentrated in Florida, Alabama, Texas, and Louisiana. lists many Kienleins and other spellings of the name as originating in Baden.  Several of them are found in Pforzheim.  Georg Christoph's place of origin however, has not been determined - (update 081226 thanks to Sam Carnley)

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