Book of Record, Register of marriages per John Giessendanner V.D.M.

scan of original,
not sure this is the handwriting of Rev. John Giessendanner
(transcription of the original by Joop Giesendanner)
Joop Giesendanner, the Netherlands
64) 1755 On Thursday August 14th At the House of
Capt. John Lloyd in Amelia Township
Marryed ---- By Licence
William Thom(p)son To Eugenia Russel
both of the Township aforesd. Present: John
McCord, Edward Barwicke &c.

65) On Sunday August 24th In Orangeburgh Church
---- By Banns
John George Hayner To Eve Catharina Barrin; both
of Orangeburgh Township. Present: Jacob Giessendanner
Henry Felder, &c.

66) On Monday Decembr 29th ---- In Ditto
---- By Ditto
John Ofill To Elizabeth Rice, both
of the Saltketchers in Colleton County.
Present: Isham Clayton, Samuel Pickings, &c.

67) 1756 On Tuesday January 27th In Orangeb Church
---- By Ditto
Jno Jacob Wymer To Anne Diedrich, both of
Orangeburgh Township. Present: Samuel Suther,
John Jennings, &c.

68) On Monday February 2d ---- In Ditto
---- By Ditto
John Anding To Margaret, late widow of
Rudolph Brunner, both living below
Orangeb. Township in Berkly County: .Present:
Henry Wurtzer, Lewis Linder, John Aberly

69) On Sunday February 15th In Ditto
---- By Banns
James Clatworthy To Mary, widow of
(Richard) Bush: Present: Joseph Wood &c

Comment Joop: