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Joop Giesendanner, the Netherlands
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A list of Persons marryed per John Giessendanner V.D.M.

(transcription of the original by Joop Giesendanner)
in red = assumed to be there
copy of A.S. Salley
just the words that differ from my transcription
11. On Saturday September 22.nd In ye Church of Orangeburgh ---- By Banns Miles Riley and Elizabeth Weekly, widow of Thomas Weekly, of Amelia Township deceased: Being present: William Cammel, Willm Cooper, Caspar Ott

12. On Wednesday October 3d In the Church's Ditto ---- By Ditto William Heart of the Congrees & Sirrah Young of Edistoe Fork: Being present: Adin Frogat, William Young, etc.etc.

13. On Thursday, Decembr. 6th In the Church of Orangeburgh ----- by Ditto William Meckel & Ann Roth of this Township: Being present: Henry Haym George Giesendanner Junr., Charles Hottow, etc. etc.

14. On Monday Decembr. 24th In the Church of Orangeburgh ---- By Ditto Henry Wetstine & Barbara, widow of Hans Ulrich Morff deceased, both of this Township: Being present: Henry Haym Caspar Kuhn, Peter Moorer Junr etc. etc.

15. On Tuesday February 5th At the House of Mrs Mary Russel in Amelia ---- By License John McCord of Saxagotha & Sophinisha Russell of Amelia Township Being Present: Samuel Bright, Charles & John Russell

William Mecket

Sophinisba Russel

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