Book of Record (1737-1761)
ę Joop Giesendanner, the Netherlands

George Ulrick is mentioned 2x in the Book of Record:
Baptism of his daughter Anna Catharina

(transcription by Joop Giesendanner)
(1754: On Easter Sunday April 14th Baptized In Orangeburgh Church )
E˘dem Die et Loc˘ (The same day and place)
Anna Catharina, Daughter of George & Catharina Ulrick; born January 26th 1754.
Susceptr. Ulrick & Angelia Raber, & Anna Catharina, wife of George Jacob Kurner
(Rev Giessendanner)

Baptism of his son Nicholas:

(transcription by Joop Giesendanner)
(175)6 -- Baptized ---- In Orangeb. Church
On Easter Sunday April 18th Nicholas, Son of George & Catharina Ulrick; born February 26th 1756. Suret: Rudolff Harrisperger, Nicholas Zorn, & Catharina, wife of John Simmons.
(Rev. Giessendanner)

Nothing else has been found, no sponsorship or anything, no other Ulricks until 25 December 1759, when three Giessendanners sponsor the baptism of Susannah Ulrick, daughter of a George Ulrick. Is his the same one, did his wife die? It seems likely, since there was no trace of another George Ulrick.

(Salley: transcription by Joop Giesendanner)
(1759) On Christmas Day December 25th ---- In Orangeb. Church
Susannah, Daughter of George & Susannah Barbara Ulrick; born Novembr 27th 1759.
Suret. John & Barbara Giessendanner, & Ursula Leysath
(Rev Giessendanner)

Significant presence of the Giessendanner family:
the minister (John Giessendanner) himself as sponsor,
his wife (the second) Barbara and
Ursula Leysath (maiden name Giessendanner) married to John William Leysaht, she is the sister of the Reverend.
What could cause this overwhelming presence of all Giesendanners?
I think the answer is the wife of George Ulrick: Susannah Barbara.
I believe her to be Susanna(h) Barbara Giessendanner, the Rev.'s youngest sister.

Any info on the matter very welcome.