Musee National de la Renaissance -
Chateau d'Encouan
95440 Ecouan (Val d'Oise)
An imposing Renaissance chateau
housing an important collection of art
from the same period: tapestries,
furniture, art objects

Stained glass window is taken out of the depot ready to be photographed by Joop Giesendanner for Giezendanner Worldfiles with the wellwilling cooperation of the conservator of the National Museum: Madame Julia Fritsch

24 September 1998

Best way to show the images that
are in the middle of the window (on the right)
Best way to show the colors can be seen below
Of course prudence had to be considered
so taking advantage of putting this window before the real window was out of the question. All pictures were made with artificial light, the real colors are just beautiful and even more intens then in the left one

This window in unusual big format shows as major picture between two Säulenpaaren the outpooring of the Holy Ghost
Right up from this picture it is dated
Anno 16(8)1 at Whitsun

Right upper corner:
Emanuel Schlichter from Basel
Rev. Gods words in Wattweil
Susanna Gietzendannerin
his married wife