Family group sheet of Katharina Giezendanner (Sch137s).

Katharina Giezendanner {Sch137s}, born circa 1590, died on September 15, 1629.
She was married in Wattwil on January 15, 1612 in church to
Jörg Grob {Sch137}, born in Walterschwil, died on May 5, 1655, son of Hans Grob.

text: 1661 empfängt "Geörg Grob filius ad manus matris" die Güter (siehe vater Hans Grob);
(Eng): 1661 "Geörg Grob son from the hand of his mother" recieved the goods
(see his father Hans Grob)

(He was married afterwards on January 17, 1630 in church to Verena Ambüel.)
From this marriage:
1 : Many Children.
text: between 1612 and 1630 many children were baptized

Appendix 1 - stained glass window, Katharina 1630

"Die Toggenburger Scheiben"
von Dr Paul Boesch,
Neujahrsblatt Histor.
Verein Kt St Gallen 1935: 137.
Jörg Grob and Katharina Gietzendanner.
ca 1630
I. Toggenburgisches Museum Lichtensteig.
Phot. SL 30081 - H 33; B 25. -
Upperpicture: Wartent and 2 women.
Mainpicture: Lazarus and Magdalena.
The coat of arms with helmet take the biggest
space. I strongly suspect, these arms and the
pictures above do not belong to the
Toggenburger founders-inscription.
The year 1613, which is readable under the
coat of arms, is on a piece that is put in later
and that is why it is uncertain (see bottom).
The founders-inscription is very much
disturbed and hardly readable. I believe to be
able to read the following :
(JÖrg) Grob kilchmeiger am DÜettlij(s) (berg)
und kattrijna (gietzen)danneri sin hf.
II. As founders only the couple named Jörg
Grob and Thrina Gietzendanner can be
considered, they were evangelicly married
January 15, 1612 in Wattwil. He is the 5. son
of Hans Grob of Walterschwil. He was
Kilchmeier (caretaker of the church (?)) and
was called "der Standiger" (the Permanent(?)).


picture taken by Joop Giesendanner (Heritage Tour 1995)

The couple had many children baptized between 1612-1630. "am Dintersberg" is
added in the Baptism-book entries only since 1629; that is why it is very
questionable that the date 1613 is right. According to the Generalbelehnung of the
year 1653 (LA 165, S. 15) Geörg Grob had received "house and farm, meadows and
land, 5 cows winterish 3 summerish big situated am Dietelsberg". These goods are
received in 1661 by "Geörg Grob filius ad manus matris"; (Eng): Geörg Grob son
from the hand of his mother" (comment Joop: my Latin is bad, I think this is the
meaning, but am not at all sure about it); so Jörg Grob has died before.
(EL) Das Wp. der Katrina Giezendanner auf Togg. 137 im TMus. ist schwerlich echt
*ca.1590, +15.9.1629 (Pest!); Ehefrau des Jörg Grob, TÜetlisberg, Stamm ?
comment Joop: if Katrina died in 1729, is not the stained glass from earlier date
then 1730? I mean is it more likely the glass is made in 1613 (one year after their
marriage) then 1730 (one year after her death) and in the same year Jörg has
remarried another woman?