Family group sheet of Jacob Giezendanner (Sch39).

Jacob Giezendanner {Sch39}, born in Nesslau.
Historische Museum in St Gallen, Getzendanner Family Giezendanner, pag 20
28.9.1593, window (founder). See appendix 1.

comment Joop Giesendanner:
He lived in the same period Wald-Jöri did, but came probably from Nesslau,
so it appeares to be NO brother, also the social background seems to differ quite a lot
when we compare this man and Wald-Jöri
comment Paul Giezendanner:
1596, Jacob Giezendanner von Nesslau, Amman zu Wattwil, stiftete die schöne
Wappenscheibe, ex. Museum St Gallen

He was married in Nesslau on September 28, 1593 in church (1) to
Margaretha Spiess {Sch39s1}, died before October 14, 1599.
Historische Museum in St Gallen, Getzendanner Family Giezendanner, pag 20
28.9.1593, window (foundress). See appendix 1.

From this marriage:
1 : Barbel {Sch39a}, christened in Nesslau on February 22, 1596.

He was married on October 14, 1599 in church (2) to
Ursula Kuntz {Sch39s2}.

From this marriage:

2 : NN {Sch39b}.
3 : NN {Sch39c}.
4 : NN {Sch39d}.
5 : NN {Sch39e}.
6 : NN {Sch39f}.
7 : Jacob {Sch39g}.

Appendix 1 - stained glass window, Jacob 1596

record office: Historische Museum in St Gallen
archive: Getzendanner Family Giezendanner
archive code: pag 20














text: book 1 Dave:
A Jacob Gietzadaner of the village of Nesslau who married Margaretha Spiessen on
September 28, 1593, is pictured in a small stained glass window
that is presently in the Historische Museum in St Gallen. The type of dress for
his wife, family and himself indicates that he must have held some rank or office, since it
appears that he is more than adequately wealthy.
An inscription on the window reads in old German:
"Jacob Gietzadaner das fröhlich bluott
er drinket kein win er sey dan Guott"
which translated means,
"Jacob Gietzadaner the happy blood,
he does not drink wine, that makes him good" ,
rich man with sword on horseback, seemes to be leaving, lady with baby and
reaching out 'drinking-glass?' (temptation?=jwg)

text: "Die Toggenburger Scheiben" von Dr Paul Boesch,
Neujahrsblatt Histor. Verein Kt St Gallen 1935: 39.
Jacob Giezendanner. No Date; around 1596. (Image 4, Tafel I.)
I. Historical Museum St Gallen, Egli 92. Phot. SL 13432.-
No house, upper image and coat of arms.
Made on glass using brown and yellow in many types.
Jacob Gietzadaner das / fröhlich Bluott / er drinckt kein / win er Seij dan Guott.

To date; another example, the almost the same Nr. 91 from Historical Museum St Gallen
which is dated 1595 and signed by C. Murer, the well known Glasspainter from Zürich.
This is why we can rely on that fact to asign this unsigned window to the same master.

II. Though we find a Jacob Giezendanner in Wattwil in 1599, 1582 and 1631 in LA,
this windows founder is Jacob Gietzendanner from Nesslau, who marries Margaretha
Spiessen on September 28, 1593 and on Febr 22, 1596 baptizes his first born little
daughter Barbel Gietzendanner. After this date, so 1596/1597, is our window, where we are
shown a wife with a child, to be dated. He will baptize till 1605 another 5 daughters
and 1 son Jacob Giezendanner, from 1600 forward from the second wife Ursula Kuntzinn,
which he married Oct 14, 1599. February 17, 1600 Jacob Gietzendanner is sponsor in the
name of Junkers (young nobleman) Hans Jacob from Landenberg at the baptism of
Hans Jacob Wyss, little son of Pfarrer Felix Wyss. His relation to this Zürich Pfarrer, who,
being the follower of Kaspar Murer, worked in Nesslau from 1592 - 1601, in a period in
which especially this community had to do a lot with Zürich, made it clear to me, that our
window founder came from Nesslau.
Letter Paul Giezendanner