Family group sheet of Dorothe Giezendanner (Sch7s).

Dorothe Giezendanner {Sch7s}, died on September 14, Cheshire, England
1631, venster (foundress). See appendix 1.

She was married circa 1612 in church to
Hans Anderegg {Sch7}, born circa 1580, died on April 21, Cheshire, England
1631, venster (founder). See appendix 1.

(He was married afterwards on July 28, 1658 in church to Elsbeth Clauser, born in the
year 1621, died on August 16, 1693.)
From this marriage:
1 : NN.

Used abbreviations:
in Cheshire, England = Church of Birtles
Appendix 1 - stained glass window Dorothe 1631

record office: Church of Birtles
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text: "Die Toggenburger Scheiben" von Dr Paul Boesch, Neujahrsblatt Histor.
Verein Kt St Gallen 1935:
Nachtrag Togg. Bl. 1/2, 1953:
7. Hans Anderegg und Dorothe Giezendanner, 1631.
In the church of Birtles. 28,5:20 cm.
Typical Farmers window with husband and wife, with a little son in front of them.
Inscription, partly restored: Hanns An Der eg vnd / Doradea Dietza Danery sin eh fr / 1631;
(Eng): Hanss An Der eg and / Doradea Dietza Danery his w(ife) / 1631;

Up till now this couple could not been traced.