Family group sheet of Anna Barbara Giezendanner
(Stamm 6/II).

Anna Barbara Giezendanner {Stamm 6/II}, coming from Steinthal, born on
September 8, 1728, died on September 5, 1783,
daughter of Hans Giezendanner {Stamm 6/II} and Anna Näf.?,
1753, venster (foundress). See appendix 1.

She was married on May 1, 1753 in church to
Jacob Bösch, born in the year 1724, died unterem Hof on October 31, 1794,
son of Joseph Bösch.?,
1753, venster (founder). See appendix 1.

Appendix 1 - stained glass window, Anna Barbara 1753
- 1753 venster

archive code: Staehelin 1387

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text: "Die Toggenburger Scheiben" von Dr Paul Boesch,
Neujahrsblatt Histor. Verein Kt St Gallen 1935:
262. Jacob Bösch und Anna Barbara Giezendanner
text: Mstr. Jacob / bösch, auf dem / hoff u. Fr. Ana / barbel Giezendanner