Ursula Giessendanner - Leysaht.

I : Ursula GIESSENDANNER - LEYSAHT, miss (1750), born Jul 28, 1733 Lichtensteig, St Gallen, Switzerland, daughter of George Senr GIESSENDANNER and Susannah Barbara GIEZENDANNER - GIESSENDANNER.

facts from primary source assumptions
15.4.1750, BoR miss at communion    
3.10.1752, BoR bride at marriage    
19.11.1752, BoR sponsor    
23.11.1753, BoR mother    
27.11.1759, BoR mother    
25.12.1759, BoR sponsor    
    2.10.1771 Jo Ann 20 June 2001:
George McMichael was `next of kin' when Jacob Giessendanner died only by having married into the family. It is my conclusion that the widowed Ursula Giessendanner-Leysaht, Jacob's niece, married George McMichael.

Joop 20 June 2001: 
My problem is that the only indication of the marriage between "a Giesendanner" and George McMichael says (Miss), which would indicate she was not married before. Unfortunately there is no "source" but an email, so the record for this marriage is unknown to me and for that matter the source for "Miss", I will try to contact the writer (which failed)

Ursula was married Oct 03, 1752 Orangeburgh, SC in Orangeburgh Church, at the age of 19 to 
John William LEYSAHT.

(transcription by Joop Giesendanner)
1752 On Tuesday Octobr. 3d In Orang. Church By Banns John William Leysaht to Ursula Giessendanner of this Township. Being present: Henry Wurtzer, Jacob Ott, Peter Roth, etc. ( Rev. Giessendanner )
facts from primary source assumptions
3.10.1752, BoR groom at marriage    
19.11.1752, BoR sponsor    
10.12.1752, BoR sponsor    
24.4.1753, BoR witness    
24.4.1753, BoR witness    
29.4.1753, BoR sponsor    
24.06.1753, BoR sponsor    
23.11.1753, BoR father at baptism    
27.11.1759, BoR father mentioned as Johannes (M/W) L; this is a birth, not a baptism   Jo Ann 20 June 2001:
That same year, 1759, according to Giessendanner's Book of Record, Ursula Giessendanner - Leysaht gave birth to a second child, probably after the death of Johannes Wilhelm Leysaht. I have searched without success for date of his death.
Joop 20 June 2001

So have I, but not found
  no death was found for John William Leysaht, in fact nothing was found for him after 1759    

From this marriage:


I George Sr MCMICHAEL, soldier British Army and settler North Edisto near Shilling Bridge, coming from Scotland. 
He was married to NN GIESSENDANNER - MCMICHAEL. [2]

facts from primary source assumptions
1759 They were in service with Braddock and present at his disastrous defeat. After the war his brother settled in Pennsylvania and George came to South Carolina in 1759 and settled on the North Edisto near Shillings Bridge. He was given a land grant by King George III. 
Joop: I'm not sure if these are facts
  Jo Ann: Tradition has it that George McMichael came from Scotland with his brother as a soldier in the British Army in the French and Indian War.
    ABT 1759 Jo Ann: My father's paternal grandmother was a McMichael, descended from Jacob McMichael, son of George McMichael who by tradition is said to have married Giessendanner.'
1771 There is a citation recorded in the probate court of Charleston, South Carolina (p.5 of volume of citations issued from 1771 to 1775): "Citation granted to George McMichael of St. Matthews Parish, Berkeley County to administer on the estate and affects of Jacob Giessendanner late, of the Parish county aforesaid, deceased, as next of kin. To be read in the Parish Church of St. Matthews and returned certified on October 2, 1771."   Joop: Who died?
There were only 2 Jacob's available:
1. Jacob *1683, uncle of Rev. John G, of whom there is no info to be found since his arrival in SC, he probably died soon after 1737, all the land went to his brother George after old Hans Ulrich died in 1738
2. (Capt) Jacob *1727, brother of Rev. John G., who died in 1759 is likely to be the deceased mentioned in this citation.

Joop: Who is George McMichael?
According to an e-mail of Dallas Griffin, who I can not reach anymore
, a Miss Giesandanner (RN=23975)married George Sr McMichael (RN=23974), they had a son George Jr (RN=23976) *1765 who married Ann Vernon (RN=23979)
According to an e-mail by Charles Dibble: Ann Vernon (1770-1849), daughter of Richard Vernon and Martha Jones, married George (Jr) McMichael (1765-1849)
Joop: If the above is true the McMichael mentioned in the citation must be the Sr one.

1752 From a Dana:
Found the answer to a puzzlement about George and wife.  In a book I just bought titled "North and South Carolina Marriage Records" compiled and edited by William Montgomery Clemens, editor of Genealogy Magazine, page 104 and published by Genealogical Publishing Co., Inc., in 1987 (now that's a source!) he lists:
Ursula Giessendanner and John W. Leysath, October 3, 1752 in Orangeburg County, South Carolina
Joop: So far so good, nothing shocking, this comes from BoR
ABT 1762
Joop: but then Dana goes over the edge

Dana: So I guess Ursula was a widow when she married George about ten years later.  I know I've seen his wife listed as two different women; a Miss Giessendanner and a Miss Leysath or Seysath.  Now we know.
She married John, then George.  I'm glad that's cleared up!

Joop: How come that guessing leads to clearing up ?????????
After May 7th, 2000 the above is presented on the internet as a fact and echoed around (see next)
      quoted is a small part of http://www.se.mediaone.net/~baygents/george.htm

Ursula was first married to John William LEYSAHT
Joop: where can be found that this is nothing more than a guess ?????????????????????
i ANNAH MCMICHAEL b. 30 Oct 1763.
ii GEORGE MCMICHAEL, JR b. 12 Aug 1765.
iii JACOB MCMICHAEL b. 30 Nov 1767.
iv HENRY MCMICHAEL b. 30 Nov 1767.

Second Generation
2. ANNAH MCMICHAEL b. 30 Oct 1763,
m.(1) ISAAC HUTTO, b. 1739, Orangeburgh, Orangeburgh Co., SC,

    Children by ISAAC HUTTO:
ii GIDEON HUTTO b. 1773.
Joop: Annah (*1763) has Isaac prior to 1773???
At what age does she give birth: 9 years old ???

John Howell:
My grandfather was named John Pearson Howell after his great grandfather Jesse Pearson.  
Annah McMichael married William Lesayth and then married Jesse Pearson.  
Joop: After carefully reading all the documents you sent me, I have found nothing that claims this statement; where did you find the info that Annah McM (*1763) married William L. ??????????????
Unfortunately after this question: no answer