Comment Joop:
Just to be sure that no one gets the wrong idea, this is not my work (though I did correspond and cooperate with Xana many years now), nor has it anything to do with the Book of Record that I have been working on for so long now.
Please contact Xana directly if you want to have information about the CD and its content, her e-mail address is down below.

Hi, Joop -

I've finally learned how to burn a CD Rom, so I decided since I'm never going to reprint this book that I'd make it available to everyone in a cheap, easy-to-use format. This is the message that I'm sending out. If anyone wants a copy, they have only to let me know. (Overseas shipping will cost a little more money - but that's only to be expected).

Hope all is well with you!

Hello, Gissendanner "Cousins,"

Because the Gissendanner Legacy will NOT be reprinted, (I'd just have to have too many pre-paid orders to do that - a minumum of 50), we have decided to release the two volumes on one CD rom.

To use the CD, you will need to do one of the following:

1) Open and print the files in Adobe Acrobat (available free on the Internet at the Adobe website) or

2) Take the CD and your checkbook to Kinkos and tell them to print either or both volumes for you. With the CD, you can print off as many copies as you wish, so each of your children and your grandchildren can have his own copy!

Kinkos can also bind the books with a wire-o binding or a plastic comb binding. If you want to get really fancy, you can call around your area to locate a professional bindery which can bind the books in hard cover. It's entirely up to you.

If you would like to obtain the CD, send me an e-mail at the following address. I will burn a CD for you, so that when your check arrives, I'll be able to just drop it into the mail to you. my e-mail address is:

Cost for the CD will be $20 plus $5.00 for packaging and shipping.

With best regards,

Xana Hansen