Chapter 3

Jacobus Giesendanner

1823 - 1890


Frederik (Frits) Wilhelm (*1853) , (see picture===>), was the
second son of  Jacobus Giesendanner (*1823) and Catharina 
van Emden (*1821).
Jacobus (* 1823)  , age 28 and Catharina van Emden (*1821),
age 30, had to marry in a hurry on May 14, 1851, when 
Catharina van Emden was two months pregnant, or was he born 
a 7-months child?  When he married, his father had already died 
and his mother was a shopkeeper at that time. One of the 
brothers of Catharina, Benjamin van Emden, was witness to 
their marriage. 
Four days later, May 19, they had their own home on the 
Prinsengracht 506 (later 544 and 82 ). At their marriage, 
he had to produce a document that stated that he had fulfilled 
his duties as a soldier for the Dutch Army. From this document,
which contains his description, we know that he had brown hair
and was  1 El 6 Pm 6 Dm 0 St . His chin was pointed and he had
thin eyebrows.

The first son, Jacobus Christiaan, was born on November 26,
1851 in Amsterdam. He died, 7 years old at home on the 
Prinsengracht 544 (506), on November 27, 1858, one day 
after his birthday.

Their first baby girl Maria (Marie) Elisabeth Jacoba was 
born June 27, 1855.
She later married Elbertus Johannes Kwant , who was a tailor
and they had three children.

Aunt Coba (*1911) tells:

They lived in the Jordaan, Prinsengracht around the corner of
the Westerstraat, where they had a shop for workman's clothing. 
They also visited the farmers in the small villages
around Amsterdam to sell them  clothes. She was called Aunt
Marie and lived above the shop. At first they had to go outside 
the shop to go upstairs, but the husband of her niece,
Jacoba Catharina (*1886) made stairs in the shop, so they could
go through without going outside. Aunt Marie had one girl,
named Maria, a son Bertus and a son called Jacobus (Co) Kwant.
He ran the shop later and married Louise, a lady with an air,
who made workman's clothes for her husband's shop. Their
daughter Marietje Kwant, also working for the shop, later
caused a little row, when she  married a family doctor, called
Hagedoorn. This was not done (because of the class difference)
and his family was against the marriage. But when their first
baby was due nothing could be done. In 1988 Aunt Coba saw a
obituary in the Telegraaf by her housekeeper, saying:

"Today passed away my dear Mistress,  Maria Hagedoorn, born
Kwant, in the Willem Kerststraat, Amsterdam."

According to Aunt Coba, this Maria was one of twins.

The fourth child of Jacobus Giesendanner (*1823) was Jacoba
Catharina, born June 5, 1857, she was called Aunt Toos and 
married Jan Nederbragt.  Mother Catharina, when widowed, 
lived with them, must be after 1890 when Jacobus died 
March 10 at the age of 67.

Aunt Coba (*1911)  tells us:

They had three children, all girls, who themselves never
married. The oldest was a teacher, the second became headnurse
in the Wilhelmina Gasthuis, which was a big hospital and the
third girl was sickly and always had to stay in bed. Later the
two older sisters bought a house in Bussum and lived there
together with their sick sister. Aunt Coba never heard from
them again.

The fifth and last child, born May 10, 1859, was Wilhelmina
Magdalena. This Aunt Mien married, when she was 31 years old,
Johann Baptiste Bergamin, who had a French background and was
blind, they had two children, called Fleur (a boy) and Mien
Bergamin. Aunt Mien worked also for her sister Marie's shop,
but this she did at home in the Bloemstraat.

Aunt Coba (*1911) remembers:

Being a young girl, I worked in a workshop in the Jordaan and
during my lunchbreak I used to go to my Aunt Mien, who was my
Grandfather's sister, to eat my lunch there in the Bloemstraat. 
There  was a industrial sewing-machine in the kitchen,
where my Aunt made English leather trousers. When I was there
she used to make me a cup of chocolate with water, because
milk was too expensive.

This must have been before 1928, because in that year
Aunt Mien (*1859) died, 68 years old, on Saturday February 18,
so Aunt Coba (*1911) could not have been older then 16/17 years.
Aunt Coba lived at the Lindengracht then.

 Subject: family 1823                                                 
Jacobus Giesendanner, born in Amsterdam Feb 20, 1823, 
died there Mar 10, 1890,
son of Christiaan Giesendanner and Jacoba Maas.
He was married in Amsterdam May 14, 1851 to
Catharina van Emden, born Mar 28, 1821, daughter of 
Evert van Emden and Jacoba Bekker?.
From this marriage:

  1 Jacobus Christiaan, born in Amsterdam Nov 26, 1851, 
    died there Nov 27, 1858.
  2 Frederik Wilhelm, born in Amsterdam May 20, 1853, 
     died there Jul 20, 1924.
     He was married in Amsterdam Jan 22, 1885 to 
     Maartje Zonderland, born in Westzaan Aug 01, 1864, 
     died  Mar 1901, daughter of Cornelis Zonderland 
     and Teuntje Kraaier.
  3 Maria Elisabeth Jacoba, born in Amsterdam Jun 27, 1855, 
     died there.
     She was married Aug 16, 1883 to 
     Elbertus Johannes Kwant, born  1855.
  4 Jacoba Catharina, born in Amsterdam Jun 05, 1857, 
     died there Feb 08, 1929.
     She was married Jan 28, 1886 to Jan Nederbragt.
  5 Wilhelmina Magdalena, born in Amsterdam May 10, 1859, 
     died Feb 18, 1928.
     She was married Jan 02, 1891 to Johann Baptiste Bergamin, 
     coming from France.

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