Chapter 4

Christiaan Giesendanner

1795 - 1847


So far our journey in history has been accompanied with live
comment on the family by my father, my father's sister and
their niece.Their memories give a welcome addition to the
information we can get from the archives in Amsterdam and
Haarlem. But now we have to rely on archives entirely, because
the dates are too long ago and no living persons can provide
supplementary stories.

Jacobus (* 1823), see chapter II, was the fourth child of
Christiaan Giesendanner (* 1795) and Jacoba Maas (* 1790).

Christiaan himself was the fourth son of Johannes (Jan) 
Giesendanner and Sara van Kerkhellen.  He was born on 
August 21 and baptized (EL) on August 23, 1795 by 
Rev Sterk,  "in huis", which  ment there was money to 
have the reverend to come to the house for the baptism.  
As sponsors for the baptism are registrated  Grandfather 
of mothers side Hendrik van Kerkhelle and  the sister 
of the father Swaantje (=Schwangi)  Giesendanner.

They had a religiously mixed marriage , because Christiaan 
was Evangelic Lutheran and Jacoba came from 
a Roman Catholic family. Jacoba was the daughter of 
Jan Maas and Maria Steenbergen.
Both their fathers had died when the marriage took
place on June 17, 1815. The mothers were present and 
gave their permission. Jacobus was only 19 years old 
and a tailor when he married 24 year old Jacoba, 
who was a needlewoman.
both could not write their own name on the marriage 
certificate, which was the first time I came across 
a Giesendanner, who had not learned to read or write. 
So we can find no signature of Christiaan on the licence, 
the clerk writes down Christaan Giesendammen. 
All their children, they had eight, were baptized
Evangelic Lutheran.

Their first born was a boy called Christiaan, he was born 
on January 27, 1817,  Foriniegragt (= Prinsengracht) 
near the Tuinstraat 493 in Kanton 6 and on 
his birth-certificate his name is written down as 
Giesendam as is his fathers name, his Uncle Johannes, 
however as a sponsor writes his own name down
as J Geezendanner, Elandsgragt 120, coopers help. 
Christiaan died,  not yet 2 years old on 
November 23, 1818. His father gave notice of 
his death being 25 years himself.

Their second baby, also a boy, called Johannes, was born
January 15, 1819. Unfortunately he also died very young, 
just 8 months later on August 16, 1819.  
Again Christiaan gave notice himself, now also stating 
he had a tailor shop.

Maria was born on July 5, 1820. She later became, like 
her mother, a needlewoman and lived with her younger 
brother Abraham in the Anjelierstraat 490 (later 196).

After Jacobus (* 1823), see chapter 3, Helena was born on
August 2, 1825, but she passed away within a year on 
July 26, 1826.

Hendrik, born September 9, 1828, was their 6th child, 
but again they had to suffer a loss, for he died 
5 years old on September 23, 1833.

Antonetta Christina came onto this world on June 14, 1831. 
She died in Bloemendaal, 34 years old on January 31, 1866, 
but this was also registrated in Amsterdam.
The reason for this could have been that she was still a
citizen of Amsterdam, as she only got hospitalized in 
Meerenberg, which was a institute for the mentally ill.

Abraham was the 8th and last child to be born in this family.
We only know that he lived with his older sister Maria till
May 1865. He became 51 years old and died 
November 10, 1884 in the Kapelsteeg 15.

After the death of Christiaan Giesendanner on February 16,
1847, at the age of 51, his widow Jacoba Maas  lives in 1851
at  Prinsengracht  537 (later 525)  with her daughter  Maria,
who is a needlewoman then and Jacobus, Antonetta and 
Abraham, all  without profession.

 Subject: family 1795                                                 
Christiaan Giesendanner, born in Amsterdam on August 21,
1795, christened there on August 23, 1795, died there on
February 16, 1847, son of Johannis Giesendanner and Sara 
van Kerkhellen.
He was married in Amsterdam on June 7, 1815 to
Jacoba Maas, christened in Amsterdam on 
November 24, 1790, daughter of Jan Maas and 
Maria Steenbergen.
From this marriage:
  1 Christiaan, born in Amsterdam on January 27, 1817, died
    there on November 23, 1818.
  2 Johannes, born in Amsterdam on January 15, 1819, died
    there on August 16, 1819.
  3 Maria, born in Amsterdam on July 5, 1820.
  4 Jacobus, born in Amsterdam on February 20, 1823, died
    there on March 10, 1890.
    He was married in Amsterdam on May 14, 1851 to Catharina
    van Emden, born in Amsterdam on March 28, 1820, died
    there on January 20, 1896, daughter of Evert van Emden
    and Jacoba Bekker.
  5 Helena, born in Amsterdam on August 2, 1825, died there
    on July 26, 1826.
  6 Hendrik, born in Amsterdam on September 9, 1828, died
    there on September 23, 1833.
  7 Antonetta Christina, born in Amsterdam on June 14, 1831,
    died unmarried in Bloemendaal in het huis genaamd
    Meerenberg on January 31, 1866.
  8 Abraham, born in Amsterdam on September 24, 1833, died
    there on November 10, 1884.

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