Register Book of Baptism per Jno Giessendanner

scan of original,
not sure this is the handwriting of Rev. John Giessendanner
(transcription of the original by Joop Giesendanner)
ę Joop Giesendanner, the Netherlands
267} 1755. Baptized ----- In Orangeburgh Church
On Sunday April 6th
Issom, Son of John & Sarah Clayton; born
Novembr. 14th 1754. Susceptr. Philip & Elizabeth
Jennings, & Joseph Griffice

268} E˘dem Die et Loc˘ (The same day and place)
Rebecca, Daughter of Henry & Ann Young; born
Febr. 16th 1755. Susceptr. John Kays, Rebecca, wife
of Christian Minnick, & Sarah, wife of Willm. Cooper

269} On Sunday April 13th -- In Amelia
Patty, Daughter of Francis & Mary James; born
March 13th 1755. Susceptr. John Dargan, Dorcas
Dargan & Ann Dargan

270} E˘dem Die et Loc˘ (The same day and place)
Mary, Daughter of Edward & Margaret
Barwick; born March 30th 1755. Susceptr. William
Thomson, Eugenia Russell & Margaret McNicols

271} E˘dem Die et Loc˘ (The same day and place)
Elizabeth, Daughter of William & Mary Elizabeth
Heatly; born February 28th 1755. Susceptr. William &
Deborah Sabb, & Marion, wife of John Fouquett

272} On Sunday April 20th ---- In Ditto
Magdalene, Daughter of Emanuel &
Mary Miller; born February 21st. 1755. Suscept. Lewis
Golson, Mary Stehely, widow, & Anna Negely.

273} On Sunday April 27th -- In Ditto
Martin, Son of Peter & Margaret Barbara
Hottow; born April 1st 1755. Suscept. Martin Sally
Henry Shilling, & Anna Diedrick.

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