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Special thanks to Beverly Shuler and Mary Bondurant Warren, who made it possible for me to work with the original handwriting of the first ministers in Orangeburg, members of the worldwide Giezendanner family. © Joop Giesendanner, the Netherlands

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  • In general a name ending on -in, will be used for the feminine members of a family,
    so: Example Giessendannerin, is the daughter or wife of Mr. Giessendanner.

  • Why is GieŖendaner in the original and Giessendanner in the transcript?
    Because plain text is a rule on most genealogical sites, Ŗ may be ss or sz, both are allowed and used, the n is doubled because of the hyphen on top of it in the original

  • Why are some parts of the transcript in red ?
    These papers are over 250 years old and sometimes beyond reading, the ink has vanished, the page is torn, there is an ink spot, whatever reason, if the Xerox of the original was not readable I have filled the gap if possible with what I anticipated was there

  • German language as found in the original is explained below

Heirat Tauf wedding baptism
von mir copulirt worden getauft worden were married by me baptized
mit ZeŁgen bey ZeŁgen witnessed by with sponsors
nachdemm Sie etlichen Mahlen abgekŁndet worden (sind) eheli erzeŁgetes u. gebohrenes Kind after they have been announced many times in wedlock begotten and born child, (more common:) legitimate
einmahlig in DeŁts(c)her / Englischer Sprache ist durch den Heili(gen)
Tauff in die Gemeine Gottes aufgenommen
once in German / English language by Baptism received in the Congregation of God
Seli (Ged.)   late / deceased /(remembered) same
gebohren   formerly (maiden name) born
Privatim in * Haus   privately in the house of * same
Witwe/Witwer   widow/widower same
u(nd) seiner Ehe(r) Frauen   and his wife  
Monat(h) Tag month day
Januarij, Janni Monntag January Monday
Februarij, Hornung Dinnstag February Tuesday
Martii, Mertzen Mitwochen March Wednesday
Aprillis, April Donnstag April Thursday
Meij Freijtag May Friday
Junij, Brachmonath Sammstag June, Summer month Saturday
Julij, Heumonath Sonntag July, Hey month Sunday
August, Augstmonath   August, Harvest month  
Septembris, Herbstmonath   September, Autumn month  
Octobris, Weinmonath   October, Wine month  
Novembris, Wintermonath   November, Winter month  
Decembris, Christmonath, Xmonath   December  

Anno 1740
"This Book should be carefully preserved that those who may wish to know of their family
may find it in the Book of Record."

John Giessendanner, the younger

Book of Record, Orangeburg, SC

original in

South Caroliniana Library, Columbia, SC

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Charles Howard Felder

Member of the Orangeburgh
German-Swiss Gen. Soc.
Member of the Salley Archives in Orangeburg

Ad Fontes 1,
History of South Carolina
1898 by Alexander S Salley Back to the sources update 000622
Ad Fontes 2,
Register of the Church of Redeemer
1862 by John Lucas Back to the sources update 001229
Ad Fontes 3
Orangeburgh Citizens Petition
A copy of this petition was made by William Backshell, acting Secretary of the province, for Mr. Giessendanner to take with him. Back to the sources update 000620
Ad Fontes 4
presented by
The original Book of Record has been presented to the South Caroliniana Library in the early 1900's (most likely) Back to the sources update 001229
Book of Record (Swiss-German part)
by Hans Ulrich Giessendanner, the elder
(copied by Rev. John Giessendanner)
mar 0
update 061118 - All postings with originals
Book of Record, marriages 1737-1738
Book of Record (Swiss-German part)
by Rev. John (Hans Ulrich) Giessendanner mar 1
update 020806
Book of Record, marriages 1739-1749
Marriages after 1750
Book of Record (English part)

numbered as in Salley
by Rev. John (Hans Ulrich) Giessendanner
(I'm not at all sure the records are noted by the hand of Rev Giessendanner himself, yet these are the best available now)
mar 2
update 031114
Book of Record, marriages 1750-1768
Book of Record (Swiss-German part)
by Rev. John (Hans Ulrich) Giessendanner bapt 1 
update 041020
Book of Record, baptisms 1739-1749
Baptisms after 1750
Book of Record (English part)

numbered as in Salley
by Rev. John (Hans Ulrich) Giessendanner
(I'm not at all sure the records are noted by the hand of Rev Giessendanner himself, yet these are the best available)
bapt 2
update 081225
Book of Record, baptisms 1750-1761
Burials (numbered as in Salley) by Rev. John (Hans Ulrich) Giessendanner
bur 1
update 050512
Book of Record,.burials 1750-1761
Remarks and attachments, extra's and additional info various including Holy Communions of 1750, 1753 and 1758 mem 1
update 060202
scattered memo's and inscriptions
Book of Record, memo's 1742-1783
Family name index with aliases (please view and respond)
Find records in which your family name is involved 1738-1761
(also if they are witnesses, sponsors, at location or just mentioned)
marriages / baptisms / burials / communions / memo's families, period 1738-1761
update 120111

Book of Record,  related family names

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