A typed inlay in the Book of Record says (sic):
(transcription of the originals in the Book of Record by Joop Giesendanner)
Joop Giesendanner, the Netherlands
Church register of two Orangeburg Ministers
John Ulrick Giessendanner and John Giessendanner
Presented by

Margureite Abel
Mrs. C. E. Barron
Christie Benet
M. L. Bonham
John A. Chase
Nora M. Davis
W. H. Gambrell
Caroline Guignard
R. B. Herbert
Katherine B. Heyward
J. B. Jackson
M.A. Wright
Simons R. Lucas
Angus M. Macaulay
Mrs. A. F. McKissick
J. Rion McKissick
Mrs. Thomas F. Mauldin
R. L. Meriwether
J. E. Mills

W. Bedford Moore, Jr.
Mrs. W. Bedford Moore, Jr.
H. A. Moses
Mrs. Mary. S. Reed
William Shand
Arthur St. J. Simons
D. A. Spivey
T. H. Stukes
C. L. Taylor
J. P. Taylor
W. F. Taylor
Leah Townsend
Samuel Want
W. H. Ward
H. H. Watkins
Mary P. Wheeler
Mrs. W. C. White
W. S. Woods

Comment Joop: 
Unfortunately the info on when and under what circumstances the Book of Record has been presented are not or no longer available according to the SC Library, but that indicates, it must have been before the 1930's. The book might have been there before the University Library became the South Caroliniana Library. The last restoration also indicates that it was already here in the 1930's.
A.S. Salley's description: 

"The book appears to have been an ordinary, but substantial, blank book, over which Rev. John Giessendanner, or some subsequent keeper of the book, had stretched a raw-hide binding and sewed it on with thick, twisted, white chord. It is in a very dilapidated condition; some of the pages being torn in half, and numerous pages have been lost."

is no longer accurate, the thick, twisted, white cord is no longer there, although the wholes are still visible. The sequence makes it clear that the original must have had another order. It is to obvious that this is not as in the original, records and handwritings are surely mixed up.
The fact that some records have been recovered in the German language, but dated after 1750, may, as I long suspected, indicate that all records in English are copies of the original entries by Rev. John Giessendanner (in German), but not by his hand.

The names that occur on above page are among the most prominent of Columbia, SC., some of which were senators, judges and also a founder of the Library. It has been suggested that these persons have bought the book from an antique handler or the original owners in order to keep it safely in the library. By the end of 2000 examination for another restoration of the Book was in progress.