Register Book of Baptism per Jno Giessendanner

scan of original,
not sure this is the handwriting of Rev. John Giessendanner
(transcription of the original by Joop Giesendanner)
Joop Giesendanner, the Netherlands
274} 1755 -- Baptized ---- In Orangeburgh Church
On Sunday April 27th
Anne, Daughter of Joseph & Susannah Kryter;
born August 31st 1754. Susceptr. John Negely,
Barbara Negely & Anna Hug

275} On Whit. Sunday May 18th ---- In Ditto
Catharina Margaret, Daughter of Conrad
& Mary Elizabeth Hungerbuller; born 19th April
1755. Susceptr Lewis Kern, Anne Catharina
Funtzius, & Ann Catharina Barrin

276} On Wednesday May 28th ---- In Ditto
Jane, a Bastard Child of Mary, Daughter
of Samuel Fox; born Octobr 15th 1754. Susceptr.
John Gibson, Willoughby, wife of Samuel Fox, &
Margaret, wife of Joseph Griffice

277} On Sunday June 1st ---- In Ditto
Lewis, Son of Luke & Mary Partrick; born
May 2d. 1755. Susceptr Michael Christopher Rowe,
Brand & Sertina Pendarvis.

278} On Sunday June 15th ---- In Ditto
Catharina, Daughter of John Nicholas & Verena
Shuler; born May 8th 1755. Suscept Henry
Rickenbacher, Catharina, wife of George Hessy, &
Mary, Wife of Francis Koonen.

279}On Sunday June 22d ---- In Ditto
Samuel, Son of Henry & Mary Elizabeth Felder;
born June 5th 1755. Suscept. Samuel Suther,
John Inabnet, & Ann, Wife of Henry Rickenbacher

Comment Joop: