Register of Births & Christenings per John Giessendanner V.D.M.

scan of original,
not sure this is the handwriting of Rev. John Giessendanner
(transcription of the original by Joop Giesendanner)
ę Joop Giesendanner, the Netherlands
366} 1756 Baptized ---- In Orangeburgh Church
On Sunday Decembr 26th
Mary, Daughter of Henry & Mary Jordan; born
Decembr. 7th 1756. Suret. Peter & Anne Griffith, &
Elizabeth, wife of Joseph Thornton.

367} E˘dem Die et Loc˘ (The same day and place)
Thomas, Son of Thomas & Hannah Pendarvis;
born September 23d. 1756. Suret. Peter Faure, William
Pendarvis, & Catharina, wife of Thomas Puckridge.

368} 1757 January 1st ---- In Orangeb. Church
Ulrich, Son of Ulrick & Eve Mary Brunner;
born Decembr. 17th 1756. Suret. Jacob Ott, Rudolff
Herrisperger, & Christina, wife of Nicholas Yonn.

369} E˘dem Die et Loc˘ (The same day and place)
Anne Margaret, Daughter of John & Eva
Catharina Jubb; born April 28th 1756. Suret. Henry
& Anne Margaret Shilling, & Margaret Gyger, widow

370} E˘dem Die et Loc˘ (The same day and place)
Samuel, Son of Daniel & Sarah Linder; born July 28th
1756. Suret. Jacob Giessendanner, Christopher Rowe, and
Elizabeth Linder

E˘dem Die et Loc˘ (The same day and place)
371} Martha, born November 20th 1752.
372} Susannah, born March 26th 1754.
373} Rebeccah, born August 15th 1756.
These three the Daughters of Jonathan & Martha
Brunzon: Suret. for the three: Daniel & Sarah Linder,
Isaac Hottow, Samuel Brunson, Mary Brunson, &
Margaret, wife of Joseph Griffice.

374} On Tuesday January 4th ---- In Orangeb. Church
Zachariah, Son of William & Agnes Aldridge; born
18th January 1754. Suret. Abraham Hasfort, Peter
& Sarah Faure.