Register of Births & Christenings per John Giessendanner V.D.M.

scan of original,
not sure this is the handwriting of Rev. John Giessendanner
(transcription of the original by Joop Giesendanner)
Joop Giesendanner, the Netherlands
438} 1757. Baptized ---- In Orangeburgh Church
On Sunday Novembr 20th
Magdalene, Daughter of Barnard & Susannah
Elizabeth Snell; born Septembr 16th 1757. Suret...
Frederick Hoff, Mary Catharina, wife of Elias
Snell, & Eve Catharina, wife of John George Hayner.

439} On Sunday Decembr. 11th In Amelia Chappel
Margaret, Daughter of Samuel Bly & Margaret
Beck; born Novembr. 5th 1757. Suret: Caspar Brown,
Mary Anne, wife of Conrad Halman & Mary Whiteford, widow

440} John, Son of Barnard & Mary Apollonia
Lebennder; born Octobr. 16th 1757. Suret: Frederik
Huber, Abraham & Mary Yssenhut. Baptized
On Sunday, Christmas Day, Decembr. 25th 1757.

On Wednesday Decembr 28th -- Baptized
441} Mary and Lydia, both the Daughters of Thomas
& Lucretia Owins; Mary born Decembr 28th 1751.
442) Lydia born Octobr. 6th 1757. Suret. for both: John &
Margaret Gibson, & Willoughby Fox, widow.

1758) On Saturday January 7th ---- Baptized
At the House of Colonel Richardson in St. Marks
Parish, Craven County
(32) Thirty two Children

475} On Sunday February 5th ---- In Orangeb. Church
Barbara, Daughter of Henry & Magdalene
Crummy; born Decembr. 26th 1757. Suret: John Wolf Senr.
Margaret Koller, & Barbara, wife of John Jennings.

476} On Monday February 13th In Orangeburgh Church
William, Son of Joseph & Mary Dewidd; born
March 7th 1757. Suret: Charles Strother, John Thomas
& Anne, wife of John Taylor

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