Register of Births and Christenings per John Giessendanner V.D.M.

scan of original,
not sure this is the handwriting of Rev. John Giessendanner
(transcription of the original by Joop Giesendanner)
Joop Giesendanner, the Netherlands
604} 1760 
Baptized / Sunday Febr 10th 1760 In Orangeburgh Church
John Jacob, Son of Jno Henry & Ann Margaret
Shilling; born January 5th 1760. Suret: Charles
& Jacob Hottow, & Zibilla Catharina, wife of Martin Egly.

On Monday Febr 11th Administred private Baptis'm
605} To Reuben } the three Children of Reuben
606} Mary          } and Elizabeth Roberts; Reuben born
607} Soloman     } Octobr 14th 1756. Mary born January
4th 1758. Solomon born 23d January 1760

Edem Die (same day) ---- Administred private Baptism
608} To Henry and} both the Sons of James &
609} William       } Mary Seytes; Henry born Febr 15th 1757
                                       William born Decembr 10th 1758

610} Edem Die ---- Administred private Baptis'm to
Archibald, Son of Charles & Lucy Seytes; born
January 1st 1760

611} On Wednesday Febr 13th Administred private Baptis'm                 in Capt. Rowe's Fort to
Elizabeth, Daughter of Henry & Anna Catharina
Horger; born Decembr 25th 1759. Present Peter
Roth, Henry Rickenbacker.

612} On Sunday Febr 17th ---- In Orangeburgh Church
Daniel, Son of Conrad & Magdalene Yutzy; born
Novembr 8th 1759. Suret. Daniel Shuler & Mary
Barbara, his wife, & George Hertzog

613} On Sunday Febr 24th In Orangeb. Church
Anna, Daughter of Jacob & Dorothy Tshudy; born
Febr. 17th, 1760. Suret. Simon Yonn, Margaret,
wife of Jacob Hottow, & Anna, wife of Charles Hottow.