SC PIONEER GRAVEYARD .... Orangeburgh Township

picture by courtesy of Jeff Friday (transcription of the original by Joop Giesendanner)
Joop Giesendanner, the Netherlands

The Old Pioneer Graveyard is located directly behind the Salley Archives at 1421 Middleton Street in Orangeburg. Bull Street runs beside the Archives and the Graveyard. [Jim Rickenbacker (031015)]

In the Book of Record (BoR) this cemetery is referred to as: the Churchyard of Orangeburgh.

You will find the burial record (best search is on date) here:

Regina Philippina Yutzy
Lewis Linder
John Junr Friday
Anna Catharina NN - Barr - Snell
Anne Diedrich - Wymer   [=1758]
Zibilla NN - Wolf
Michael Sr Larry
Elias Snell
John Senr Friday
John Senr Diedrich
Jacob Giessendanner
Barbara NN - Pfund - Kitchin
Henry Wurtz
Elizabeth Snell
Magdalena Spring - Koller
Benedict Koller
Heinrich Sr Horger
Magdalena Huber - Salley
George Ulrick
Mary Magdalene Wannamaker [=June 21]
Anna Wannamaker
Regina Wolf

he next persons died after Rev John Giessendanner himself deceased, so they can not be found in BoR.
It is obvious this list is made from records and not from actual findings on the graveyard. In the 1700's the markers used on the graves were made of wood and those markers did not survive.

I remember to have read that grave markers were used to set a fire on one cold night, when a traveling gentleman was visiting Orangeburgh. It fed his thoughts that the Orangeburgh community had no respect for their ancestry and he decided he would not locate among people who had so little reverence for the dead, and went elsewhere.