Finally cleared my questions concerning the 3 Hans Ulrich Giezendanners that came to my knowledge: (update 990715)

Hans Ulrich 1660 - 1738 (never came to the Americas), is the uncle of:
Hans Ulrich 1686 - 1738 (arrived SC in 1737),
wrote the letter to
Samuel Paravicini, (update 990405: German and English version), is the uncle of:
Hans Ulrich 1721 - 1761 (arrived SC in 1737)

The Pietist Giezendanner is NOT the famous goldsmith Hans Ulrich, 1660 (Lichtensteig, Switzerland) - 1738 (Lichtensteig, Switzerland), but his nephew, with the same name and born June 17th, 1686.
The confusion was not only caused by the same name, same occupation, but also by the fact they both had a brother by the name of George and a confusing testimony given before the Church authorities in 1734.
(Ref. Geschichte der Evangelischen Kirchgemeinde Lichtensteig 1528-1967 by Armin Müller)

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